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Your grandpa’s 75th birthday is supposed to be a celebration of life. It is also an event where you can honor his presence in your life. Show Grandpa your gratitude for teaching you how to fly a kite, respect your parents and for providing you with valuable life lessons. Celebrate his birthday with a party that he will always remember.

  • Theme: Choose a birthday theme based on your Grandpa’s year of birth. This way, Grandpa can take a trip down memory lane. Ask the guests to wear clothes that are the trend during that year. Remember that all the details of the party must come in harmony with the birthday theme to make the party perfect for Grandpa.

  • Menu: Serve Grandpa’s favorite dishes to satisfy his appetite. Ask Grandma to help you cook his favorite buffalo wings. Instead of a cake, let Grandpa blow his candles on 75 colorful cupcakes for a little twist. 

  • Invitation: Make Grandpa’s birthday invitation look old by soaking the paper in coffee or tea. You can either write the invitation using a typewriter or cursive handwriting. Invite Grandpa’s relatives and long time friends to celebrate with him on his 75th birthday.

  • Decorations: Decorate the party venue with 75 balloons in Grandpa’s favorite color. Put up a tribute wall for grandpa using print posters online. Use a phrase like “The day Grandpa Moses was born…” and continue the phrase with historical and cultural events that happened on Grandpa’s year of birth: like the newspaper headline, hit movies and unforgettable sports events during that time.

  • Music: Research about the popular songs during Grandpa’s younger years and play the songs during his birthday party. Prepare song and dance numbers that will surely provide entertainment for Grandpa.

  • Games and activities: Make Grandpa’s birthday more fun and exciting with games and activities. Try a quiz game show about Grandpa like “How well do you Know Grandpa?” The host will ask questions about Grandpa and the participants must answer them correctly to win prizes. Ask the guests to give special messages to Grandpa to touch his heart. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can, so Grandpa will always remember his big celebration.

  • Party favors: Since Grandpa’s birthday theme is based on the year he was born, give guests vintage party favors like vintage shirts, toy cars, LP album covers and vintage stickers printed on a sticker machine. Design the vintage stickers with photos of Grandpa when he was young.

Bullying is one of the most common problems that children experience in school. Constant bullying can affect your child physically and emotionally, because bullies make your child feel like an outcast and an underdog. If your child is being victimized by bullies at school, take necessary actions to put an end on your child’s “nightmare”.        

  • Be supportive to your child. Let your child know that you will do all that you can to save him from the traumatic bullying that he is experiencing in school. Your child might feel negative about himself because of his experience with bullies, so remind your child that he is a person of worth to help him improve his self esteem.

  • Call school administrators. Do not hesitate to call the attention of the school administrators, because they have the power to stop the bullying and give disciplinary actions to the bullying child. You may think of calling the bully’s parents to solve the issue, but calling them might worsen the whole situation. Let the school administrators call the bully’s parents to discuss about their child’s unacceptable behavior. Take action to stop bullying in school by addressing the issue on print. Inquire to your child’s school about their newsletter and volunteer to write an article about putting an end to bullying. The school’s newsletter printing materials are effective tools to send your message across.

  • Encourage child to make friends. If you notice that your child is starting to isolate himself from other kids, encourage him to make friends with the nice kids in school or the kids in your neighborhood. Your child might feel the need to be alone, because he thinks that he will not be able to find good friends, because of his experience with bullies.

  • Provide your child with a loving environment at home. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your child feel secured, unafraid and accepted at home. Show him how much you care by giving him postcards. Ask your friends and relatives to write messages to your child, so he will feel better. Print the postcards online for a fuss free printing service.

  • Give your child advice. Teach your child how to deal with the bullies in school in a calm manner. Tell your child to avoid and ignore the bully, because bullies will eventually go away once they feel that they are “invisible” to your child’s eyes. For instance, if the bullies are hanging out at the school gym, advice your child to go to another direction so they won’t cross paths.

Moms are sensitive and loving souls that are always ready to pour their time, care and affection for their family. They are also good at juggling tasks like doing the laundry while feeding the baby. With all the responsibilities that they have to attend to everyday, your mom deserves to feel all the love on the day of her birthday. Here are gift ideas that you can give mom on her special day.         

  • Bouquet of flowers: This is the sweetest gift that you can give to mom. Go to the flower shop and surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Attach a birthday card to make the bouquet of flowers more special and personal. You can also try giving mom pressed flowers that she can display in her bedroom.

  • Pet: Buy or adopt a pet for your mom to keep her company while you are busy at school or at work. The pet can also keep mom busy during lazy afternoons at home. She can also take her new pet for a walk around the neighborhood.

  • Jewelry: If you have the money to splurge, buy mom a piece of jewelry that reflects her caring and nurturing personality. Your mom would be more than happy to receive an additional jewelry in her collection. 

  • Relaxation: Let your mom relax on the day of her birthday while you do all the household chores. Give her a back and hand massage to de-stress.  You can also treat her to the spa for a day of pampering.

  • Family trip: Pack your bags and head to the countryside where mom can have a day of peace and quiet. She will surely enjoy this gift since moms love keeping the family together.

  • Good book: Get your mom a self help book that she can read before she sleeps at night. A recipe book is also a good idea, so mom can try new recipes for your next family dinner.

  • Personalized Gifts: Let mom feel the love on her birthday by giving her a personalized gift such as an apron, pillow case or a family scrapbook. You can also give her label stickers that she can use to organize her stuffs in the house. Try stickers printing for your mom’s personalized label stickers.

  • Handwritten letter: Melt your mom’s heart with a handwritten letter for her birthday. If in case you’re living far away from mom, you can send her a birthday postcard in a custom postcard size.

Kids often think of reading as a boring activity, which makes it hard for you to get them interested to read a book. What kids do not know is that reading can help them to discover new things, understand abstract ideas and learn valuable lessons. It would be best to introduce your kids to reading at an early age so they can continue their reading habit when they’re older.                           

  • Set a family reading time. Establish good reading habits in your family, so your children will get used to reading on a regular basis. A family reading time is ideal to get your kids to read more. You can take turns in reading aloud or read your favorite books to each other. Ask your family to write journals and read the contents during your family reading time. This way, your children will see reading as an educational, interactive and interesting activity for the whole family.

  • Sign them to a book club. The book club members that your kids will meet can inspire them to read books more often. They can exchange books with the other members and share their reviews and comments. Your kids can also learn reading techniques from the book club to help them read faster and better.

  • Buy them unique bookmarks. Look for bookmarks in your kids’ favorite color or cartoon character and clip them in their books. Your kids will definitely enjoy reading more with their brand new bookmarks.

  • Try audio books. These can guide your kids in pronouncing and reading words. They will also enjoy reading together with a narrator. Let them listen to the audio first to familiarize themselves with the right pronunciation of the words. After reading with the narrator, ask your kids to read alone to see their improvement.

  • Take them to the library. Your kids will have a variety of books to choose from in the library. Avail a library membership for your kids, so they will be motivated to visit the library often. Let them read a book one at a time, so they won’t feel pressured to finish reading.

  • Make reading a fun activity: Create scrapbooks full of words and decorate it with different font sizes and colors to make them appealing to your kids. Add a postcard design on the scrapbook containing famous quotes from philosophers for your kids to read. You can also put up a “Read Me” wall on your kids’ bedroom. Put stickers of words printed from a sticker printing machine for readability. Let your kids get familiar with new words every week, so they can have a wider vocabulary.

Preparing the nursery room for your baby’s arrival can be very fun and exciting, because you want the room to be a place where your baby can grow, learn and dream. Designing your baby’s nursery also requires a lot of planning and organizing for you to come up with desirable results. You may design the nursery room to suit your taste or ask friends and relatives to help you out. Remember that the nursery room must be comfortable enough for your little bundle of joy, so take your time to think of the perfect design idea.

  • Theme: There are a variety of themes that you can choose from for your baby’s nursery, you just have to play with your imagination and use your creativity in applying your desired theme on your baby’s nursery. Designing your baby’s nursery will be easier when you have a particular theme in mind, because you already have a main idea to focus on when it comes to choosing the right furniture and decorations.

  • Wall décors: These allow you to be more creative in designing your baby’s nursery. You can paint the wall with bright colors or create a wall mural to make the nursery look fun and youthful. Try custom wall stickers, these are best to use if you want to change the wall décor of the nursery, because wall stickers are repositionable and reusable. Accentuate the wall with canvas print of your baby’s footprint graphic, picture frames in different sizes and baby artworks.
  • Furniture: Buy furniture that is stylish and functional for your baby. Look for furniture that has two functions like a storage cabinet that also serves as a changing station.  Make sure that the furniture matches the theme to achieve consistency. For instance, a carnival themed room should have furniture designed with clowns, circus animals and a ring master. Choose comfortable crib, rocking chair and cradle so your baby can sleep comfortably.

  • Safety: Be very careful in choosing the furniture and designs to use in your baby’s nursery to make sure that the room is safe for him to stay. Never use toxic paints and stay away from furniture with sharp edges. Always check the quality of the materials that you are about to purchase, because poorly made furniture can be very dangerous to your newborn.

It is important for you to be careful in choosing the babysitter who will watch after your children especially if you will be gone for a long period of time. Finding a trustworthy babysitter can also save you from worrying about your kids’ welfare and safety while you are away. Start looking for a potential babysitter a few days before your scheduled departure so you will have enough time to know more about your kids’ babysitter.

  • Try personal referrals. Ask friends and neighbors about babysitters that they hired to watch over their kids. You can be confident with a babysitter referred to you by friends and neighbors, because they already experienced the babysitter’s services. Talk to the children of your friends and neighbors to see how the babysitter treated them. Do not consider the babysitter if the children disapproved of her.

  • Interview the babysitter. Check the babysitter’s credentials to see if she had enough training and skills. It would be better if you choose a babysitter who knows first aid, so she will know what to do in case an accident happens. Ask her about her past babysitting experience, the difficulties that she encountered in handling children and how she managed the situation.

  • Observe babysitter’s interaction with your kids. Introduce your kids to the babysitter and observe how she relates to them. Trust your judgment, and turn the babysitter down if she doesn’t interact well with your kids.

  • Discuss house rules. It is necessary to inform the babysitter about the rules implemented in your house, so your kids will know that the same rules still apply even when you are away. Talk to her about your kids’ nap time, foods they cannot eat and how long they are allowed to watch television  

  • Leave emergency numbers and your contact information. These are very essential information that you have to provide for the babysitter. Leave several copies of your unique business cards with the babysitter, so she can place the business cards in her pocket, kitchen and near the telephone. This will make it easier for the babysitter to reach for your contact information in case of emergency. Make sure that you prepare emergency numbers sticker produced with color printing. The emergency numbers sticker should be readable for the babysitter.

Your dad’s 50th birthday should be celebrated in the most special and unforgettable way, because his 50th birthday is a significant event. After all the sacrifices and hard work that your dad had to go through just to send you to school, it is only right that you throw a big celebration for the most important man in your life. Your dad might feel old on his 50th birthday, but you can make him feel that age is just a number by these fun birthday party ideas.

  • Golden Days: What’s the better way to celebrate your dad’s 50th birthday than a golden days party theme? Decorate the party’s venue with gold curtains, balloons and table cloth. Hire a human statue with gold body paint to add more fun to your dad’s 50th birthday celebration. Make your dad’s birthday more special and heartwarming by asking guests to dedicate a personal message for your dad.

  • Bring on the Bling: This birthday theme only shows that your dad is not too old to party. Ask your dad to wear hip-hop clothes on his party and wear bling-blings to match. Play hip-hop songs and take your dad to the dance floor. Decorate the venue with hip-hop poster printing materials and create a graffiti wall to complement your dad’s birthday theme. Your dad will surely feel young again with this bring on the bling party theme.

  • Boys’ Night Out: Contact all your dad’s colleagues and former classmates to his Boys’ Night Out party. Set up billiard tables and pinball machines. Serve your dad and his boys foods that men love like steak, French fries and cold beer.

  • Wine and Cheese Party: Try a formal theme like a wine and cheese party for your business minded dad. Choose a party venue that is perfect for his birthday party theme. You can try giving business cards as invitations to your dad’s friends and relatives.

  • Awards Night Party: Ask the guests to dress up like Hollywood stars for your dad’s Awards Night party. Make the party fun by giving special awards to the guests like “Best Celebrity Look-Alike”. Give a replica of the Oscars trophy to the guests as party favors.