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Business cards are not only designed for business professionals, because kids can also benefit from the many functions of a business card. Designing kids’ business cards can be a fun and creative activity since kids enjoy playing with their imagination. Kids’ creative nature can make designing their business cards fast and easy.
Kids can use their business cards in the most imaginative ways possible, depending on their necessity. Below are business cards ideas that kids would love to try.

  • Birthday Party Invitation: Kids will most definitely like this business card idea for their birthday party, because this is a unique and creative approach to the traditional birthday card invitation. Just apply the birthday theme on the business card design to achieve consistency. It would be advisable to keep the messages short to avoid clutter. You can print the birthday information on both sides if the space in front is not enough. For instance, you can put the name of the celebrant and the party theme in front and put the rest of the birthday information at the back.

  • Kids’ Business: Business cards can help market your kids’ products and services effectively. You can come to online printers that print business cards cheap for your kids’ business cards. These marketing tools are very light and handy, so kids can easily hand them to their customers.

  • Play Date Card: An event such as a school play needs enough promotion to make it successful. Aside from flyers and posters, business cards can also be used to promote school plays. The play date card can carry information about the play and the contact person in-charge, making it the ideal tool to use for the school play’s promotion.

  • Profile Card: Kids love exchanging their contact information to their friends so they can invite each other to slumber and tea parties. Kids no longer have to use pen and paper to give their contact information to friends, because profile cards are very handy and light. You can come to a reputable printer that offers quality business cards printing that will surely produce business cards that your kids will love.

Business cards are effective and handy marketing tools that are helpful in boosting your market profitability and customer traffic if utilized properly. With its ability to market your products and services, a business card can be a powerful marketing tool for your kid-focused business.

Children may not be able to understand the value and functions of a business card. However, you can design your business cards in such a way that kids can easily understand your message, that is- to promote and market your products or services.

  • Bright colors: These colors are very appealing to children, so it is advisable to apply these colors on your kids’ business cards. You can combine the colors to make them more attractive to kids. Make sure that you don’t go overboard in applying different colors on your kids’ business cards, because too many colors might make your business cards look chaotic.

  • Eye-catching images: These add a lot of creativity and style to your kids business cards. Eye-catching images also make your business cards interesting to your target audience. It is important to associate your images to your message, so as not to confuse your young audience. You should be careful in choosing the images that you will use in your business cards design, because images support your message. 

  • Stylish Fonts: These are also helpful in attracting kids to read the information in your business cards. Stylish fonts are acceptable to use in kids business cards, because kids prefer reading child-oriented fonts. Make sure that the font you choose is stylish, yet readable.

  • Company information: This is a very vital part of your business card, because business cards are designed to carry your brand’s identity. Always include your brand’s logo, so your customers will be able to associate your logo to your brand. You should keep your messages simple and straightforward, so kids will understand your messages easily.

  • Printing company: The online printer that will do the printing job for you can either make or break the over-all presentation of your kids business cards. It’s best to have your business cards printed by a reputable online printer to achieve desirable results. You can check on their sample business cards that you can use as inspiration for your kids business cards.

When illness struck a family member, the other family members do all they can to support and seek for medical help from doctors. This family crisis can even shake your faith especially when you do not have a financial back up for your family member’s expensive medication. The best and most effective way to get money for your sick family member is through fundraising.                   

Fundraisings can be successful with generous souls who are always ready to help. Raising funds will be easier if you gather other relatives and friends for your support system, because they can spread your fundraising message to the people that they know. Be prepared for a lot of extensive planning and organizing for your cause.

  • Approach charities and business establishments for help. Look for charities that can help you raise funds. It is best to approach a charity that focuses on your family member’s illness. For instance, you can come to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society if your loved one is suffering from the disease. The charity may also refer you to doctors specializing in the disease. You can also come to business establishments like restaurants, clothing stores and groceries and ask them if you can place a coin bank or donation bank at their service counter. Ask the business establishments if they could be kind enough to distribute fundraiser postcards to their loyal customers. Come to a printing company that offers postcard printing cheap to help you cut costs.

  • Plan a concert fundraiser. Look for underground bands who may be interested to perform at your concert fundraiser for free. You can post your announcements on the web or visit the place where the bands perform to ask them personally. Take advantage of cheap flyer printing to announce your concert fundraiser. Distribute print flyers to schools, business establishments, radio stations and in your neighborhood.

  • Blog about your fundraising. Use your writing skills to send your message across to as many people as possible. There is a big chance for you to gain help and financial assistance from concerned bloggers and readers. Interested and generous sponsors can also help you in raising funds for your sick loved one.

  • Seek help from your church. Your supportive and caring church family will be more than willing to help you in raising funds for your sick family member. They can also support you by offering prayers for the fast recovery of your loved one.

Most often, little boys dream of becoming fire fighters when they grow up. Kids look up to fire fighters because they are strong and brave so it would be a “dream come true” if you design a fire station themed bedroom for them. Get your boys involved in designing their fire station bedroom, because they surely have interesting inputs and creative ideas for their bedroom makeover.                              

  • Paint the wall with warm red hue or fire truck wallpaper. Stick to warm red hues like maroon, terra cotta or burgundy when painting your boys’ bedroom wall. Avoid using bright reds, because these are unpleasant to the eyes. Use a non-toxic paint to make sure that it is safe for your boys’ health. But if you are not a big fan of wall paint, you can opt for a fire truck wall paper. You do not have to put too many wall decors if you choose a fire truck wall paper, because the wallpaper already functions as a wall treatment and wall design.  Adding catalog printing materials of your local fire station can also be a good idea for your boys’ wall design.

  • Add picture frames and posters. Cut out articles about fire incidents from newspapers and place them in picture frames. Arrange the picture frames on your boys’ bedroom wall. Put a fire prevention guidelines poster on the other side of the wall. Look at poster template online to have an idea of the layout that you will use for your poster design.

  • Hang firefighter costumes behind the door. Buy wooden hooks where you can hang the firefighter costumes. Your boys will be delighted to have firefighter costumes available in their room, because they can use them whenever they want to play “firefighter”. To make their firefighter role playing more realistic, provide your kids with a fireman’s pole beside their bed.

  • Choose furniture to complement the bedroom them. Get your kids fire truck theme beds that can also serve as their toy fire trucks during playtime. You can paint their bed with red and black if you can’t find a fire truck theme bed in furniture stores. Put a fire station banner on their headboard to complete the look of their beddings. Add black and white rags on their bedroom floor and look for fire station inspired cabinets, tables, wall clocks and chairs. 

Kids often have difficult sharing their bedroom, because they need space to do things alone. But if you do not have the choice to provide separate rooms for your kids, design the room in such a way that they can have privacy and have their own space inside the bedroom. With enough planning and a little creativity, you will be able to create a bedroom that your kids would love to share.

  • Space: Use of tall bookcases, floor screens or wardrobes placed back to back as room divider, so your kids can have their own little space inside their bedroom. You can also divide their bedroom space with the use of colorful beaded or fabric curtains.

  • Beddings: Bunk beds are the ideal space server for your kids’ bedroom. But if you want to prevent your kids from fighting about space, opt for theme beds. There are lots of theme beds available for boys and girls like construction trucks, tree house and butterfly. Let your kids choose their own theme beds, so they can have the bed that they want. 

  • Wall Decorations: These can add more creativity to a unisex bedroom, because of the many wall decorations that you can choose from. Decorate your kids’ bedroom wall with wooden alphabet letters to spell their names. Add picture frames in different sizes and shapes. Get your kids involved in their bedroom design by letting them attach custom stickers on their bedroom wall. Buy custom stickers with your kids’ favorite color, shapes and images. Paint your kids’ walls with their favorite colors, so they won’t fight over what color to apply on their bedroom wall. You can put wallpaper on their wall with interesting patterns and designs.

  • Furniture: These also add interesting elements to your kids’ bedroom design. It would be best to look for fun and functional furniture like colorful corner tables, bean bags, and study tables. Choose colorful chandelier, floor lamps and table lamps for the bedroom’s lighting. 

  • Window Treatments: You can use curtains, blinds, shades or shutters on your kids’ bedroom window. Curtains are the best option if your children want the sunlight to pass through their window. Make your kids’ bedroom window more creative by adding a window cling with an interesting design. Reusable wall cling allows you to redesign your kids’ window, plus this is weather-proof too. 

  • Storage: Closet storage, shoe boxes, toy chests and under bed rolling drawers are perfect to organize your kids’ stuffs. These are also helpful if your kids’ bedroom has a limited space.

Being away from their grandchildren can be tough and lonely for grandparents, because they were not able to watch how their grandchildren grow. They missed their grandchildren’s milestones such as their first words, first dental check-up and first day in school. However, there are ways in which your children can connect with their grandparents even when they are miles away.

  • Send Grandparents handwritten letters and postcards. Grandparents would love to receive handwritten letters and postcards from their grandchildren. Tell your kids to update grandma and grandpa about their school activities and personal lives by sending them letters and postcards. Grandma and grandpa would love to know that their youngest grandchild already knows how to write letters. Your kids can design postcards especially for their grandparents with the use of colorful layouts and standard postcard sizes.

  • Schedule weekly phone calls. Phone calls are more personal and interactive. Grandparents and their grandchildren can have long and detailed conversations through the phone. Calling their grandparents on a weekly basis allows your children to be closer to their grandparents despite the distance.

  • Create a scrapbook. Let your kids put their photos during their basketball game, cheering practice and Holiday trip on the scrapbook. Tell them to write captions so grandma and grandpa will know the stories behind each photo. Kids can also attach their business cards in a standard business card size on the scrapbook. Business cards are helpful for grandparents to know their grandchildren’s mobile number, email address or blog account. Your kids can also send their business cards to other long distance relatives.

  • Look for a game site online. Choose a game site that grandparents and grandchildren can play together. This way, they can all have fun even when they are not together physically.

  • Visit Grandparents during the summer. This is the chance for Grandpa to teach your kids how to fish or fly a kite while Grandma cooks a special lunch for the kids. Take photos of your kids’ summer at their Grandparents’ house so they can treasure those moments.

Having a business does not only help your kids to earn money, because it also develops their problem solving skills, social skills and teaches them to be responsible with money. Your kids will also learn to become mature, responsible and productive individuals.

So whether your kids are doing business to earn money or to keep themselves busy, business still prepares them to welcome a bright future ahead of them. Your kids can be successful in their small business if they use their skills and resources properly. They can also distribute print flyers in the neighborhood to promote their products or services. Below are business ideas that your kids can try.

  • Pet Sitting: Pet owners will most likely ask your kids to feed, walk, bathe and groom their pets. They may also be tasked to look after their pets while the owners are away.  Pet sitting can be an interesting and fun business for your kids especially if they are fond of animals.

  • Car Washing: Kids can use the skills that they learned in helping Dad clean the car during weekends. They can bring their own cleaning materials with them when they go to their customer’s house.

  • Run Errands: This business is advisable for kids who are restless, because running errands requires working extensively. Kids can exert their energy in doing the grocery, cleaning the windows or delivering invitations.

  • Designing: With their creativity and imagination, kids can design artworks and materials from wall murals, birthday invitations to postcards. Kids can design Holiday postcards and choose the postcard dimensions for their clients’ orders.

  • Selling Sweet Treats: If your kids know how to prepare simple desserts like ice cream sandwich, cinnamon tortilla chips and fruit kebobs. You can assist them in the kitchen so they can prepare the orders faster. They can either deliver the sweet treats or have the customers pick them up at your home.

  • Comic Book Rental: Kids do not need a capital for this kind of business, since their resources are already available in their book shelf.

  • Blogging: This is a great way for your kids to express themselves while earning money. Kids can earn money in blogging through sponsors and ads. They can do joke blogging, photo blogging or nature blogging, depending on their line of interest and expertise.  

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