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Double the Fun: Celebrate your Twins’ 1st Birthday

Posted on: July 1, 2009

It was just like yesterday when you gave birth to your twins and now they are a year older. And you can’t imagine how you survived a year of taking care of two babies at the same time. Your twins’ birthday party is a celebration of two lives, so throwing them an extra special party with double themes is a great idea.

  • Bug and Flower Garden Party: Put the pictures of your twins on their birthday invitation; make one twin the bug and the other twin the flower. Turn the birthday venue into a secret garden full of flower-shaped balloons, floral table cloths and plastic grass on the floor. Let your guests enjoy the party by preparing games such as: pin the bug on the flower, cocoon tissue paper wrap and bug and flower hunt. Buy felt flowers and place them on a miniature clay pot to be used as table centerpiece. Put up a life size bug and flower picture frame, so your guests can strike a pose for pictures. Take advantage of custom printing for your twins’ party banners and posters. Finish the party by distributing party favors like bug nets, magnifying glass and cool stickers of butterflies and flowers.

  • Sugar and Spice Party: Show your twins’ individuality with the sugar and spice party theme. Dress the twins in an angel and naughty devil costume. Create a handmade giant candy invitation for your twins’ first birthday. Turn the venue into a candy factory by decorating it with paper cut outs of giant lollipops, candies and chocolate bars. Serve your guests with colorful cupcakes, meringue, and cheesecakes to satisfy their sweet tooth. Fill the goody bags with sweet treats like bubble gum, fruity candies and caramel popcorn.

  • Cheerleader and Football Party: Get ready for some sporty action with a cheerleader and football party theme. Try custom printing for the football game ticket invitations for your twins’ birthday party. Plan a menu that consists of hotdogs, popcorn, nachos and hamburger. Have a “vendor” serve the foods to the guests to make them feel that they are really in a football game. Ask the guests to wear costumes of referee, cheerleader and football player. Decorate the venue with a football field complete with a goal post and score board.

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