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Smart Tips in Juggling Kids and your Home-based Business

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Running a home-based business while taking care of your children can be a tough and stressful job. It requires a lot of patience, time management and setting your priorities. You have to get used to catering to your clients and dealing with your kids’ tantrums. Cheap business cards from an online printing company are the most effective and practical promotional tools for your home-based business, so your clients can have your contact information.

What’s great about having your own home-based business is that you can be with your kids while working. Juggling motherhood and career is possible with these tips in mind.

  • Establish a routine. This will help you to be more productive, because your kids will less likely interrupt you if they are aware of your work schedule. Stick to your routine so you can manage your time for work and family. Your business and family need your equal attention so see to it that you are attending to the needs of your clients and family.

  • Discuss business ground rules with your kids. Teach your kids the proper way to answer phone calls and behaving in front of the clients, so your clients will see you as a professional. Remind your kids not to mess and play with your paper works or products, because these are important to your business. Make them understand the value of your home-based business, so you can work in the most productive and professional way as possible.  

  • Take a break to spend time with your kids. Remember that little things count, so spend time with your kids and share activities together. Show them that they can still count on you even if you are busy with work, go ahead and bake cookies in the kitchen, check their home works and pick them up from school during your free time.

  • Hire a babysitter. If you can entrust your kids to other people while you work, it is best to hire a babysitter. You can have the babysitter watch over your kids only when you are busy manning your office desk and attending to clients. This will allow you to work productively and to focus on managing your business.

  • Spend some “me” time for yourself. Juggling your home-based business and your children is never an easy job that is why you deserve a break. Take a warm bath, breathe some fresh air and take a nap whenever you feel exhausted.


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