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Most often, little boys dream of becoming fire fighters when they grow up. Kids look up to fire fighters because they are strong and brave so it would be a “dream come true” if you design a fire station themed bedroom for them. Get your boys involved in designing their fire station bedroom, because they surely have interesting inputs and creative ideas for their bedroom makeover.                              

  • Paint the wall with warm red hue or fire truck wallpaper. Stick to warm red hues like maroon, terra cotta or burgundy when painting your boys’ bedroom wall. Avoid using bright reds, because these are unpleasant to the eyes. Use a non-toxic paint to make sure that it is safe for your boys’ health. But if you are not a big fan of wall paint, you can opt for a fire truck wall paper. You do not have to put too many wall decors if you choose a fire truck wall paper, because the wallpaper already functions as a wall treatment and wall design.  Adding catalog printing materials of your local fire station can also be a good idea for your boys’ wall design.

  • Add picture frames and posters. Cut out articles about fire incidents from newspapers and place them in picture frames. Arrange the picture frames on your boys’ bedroom wall. Put a fire prevention guidelines poster on the other side of the wall. Look at poster template online to have an idea of the layout that you will use for your poster design.

  • Hang firefighter costumes behind the door. Buy wooden hooks where you can hang the firefighter costumes. Your boys will be delighted to have firefighter costumes available in their room, because they can use them whenever they want to play “firefighter”. To make their firefighter role playing more realistic, provide your kids with a fireman’s pole beside their bed.

  • Choose furniture to complement the bedroom them. Get your kids fire truck theme beds that can also serve as their toy fire trucks during playtime. You can paint their bed with red and black if you can’t find a fire truck theme bed in furniture stores. Put a fire station banner on their headboard to complete the look of their beddings. Add black and white rags on their bedroom floor and look for fire station inspired cabinets, tables, wall clocks and chairs. 

Little girls would love their room to be a life size doll house, because it’s one of the toys that they love playing with. Designing a doll house themed room requires a lot of planning and creativity. Read on these tips to help you design a doll house themed bedroom for your child.

  • Decorate the wall: The wall occupies a large portion on your child’s room making it very noticeable. Beautify your child’s wall with the use of wall papers that have interesting patterns and colors like lavender floral prints. You may also paint your child’s wall with pastel colors like pink, yellow and orange. Put different doll print posters on your child’s wall to accentuate her newly designed wall.
  • Use lovely furniture pieces: Get inspiration from the furniture used in doll houses. Most often, the furniture in doll houses come in classic designs. But, classic furniture might not be age-appropriate for your child so choose classic furniture in light and soothing colors. Check poster printing materials online to see samples of doll house-inspired furniture that you can use in your child’s bedroom. If your child owns a doll collection, arrange them on a pastel colored shelf to create a doll house atmosphere for her bedroom.
  • Ask for your child’s opinion. Children have a wide imagination and their ideas can be a big help on their bedroom design. Let your child add her personal touches on her bedroom design such as her artworks. Your child’s artworks can also serve as inspiration in designing her doll house themed bedroom. You can place your child’s drawings in a frame to make her artwork more presentable.

Following these tips can ensure that your child will love her bedroom’s new look. Your child will definitely be proud to show her doll house themed bedroom to her friends. Let your bedroom decoration serve as a fun and interesting activity for you and your child.

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