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Having a business does not only help your kids to earn money, because it also develops their problem solving skills, social skills and teaches them to be responsible with money. Your kids will also learn to become mature, responsible and productive individuals.

So whether your kids are doing business to earn money or to keep themselves busy, business still prepares them to welcome a bright future ahead of them. Your kids can be successful in their small business if they use their skills and resources properly. They can also distribute print flyers in the neighborhood to promote their products or services. Below are business ideas that your kids can try.

  • Pet Sitting: Pet owners will most likely ask your kids to feed, walk, bathe and groom their pets. They may also be tasked to look after their pets while the owners are away.  Pet sitting can be an interesting and fun business for your kids especially if they are fond of animals.

  • Car Washing: Kids can use the skills that they learned in helping Dad clean the car during weekends. They can bring their own cleaning materials with them when they go to their customer’s house.

  • Run Errands: This business is advisable for kids who are restless, because running errands requires working extensively. Kids can exert their energy in doing the grocery, cleaning the windows or delivering invitations.

  • Designing: With their creativity and imagination, kids can design artworks and materials from wall murals, birthday invitations to postcards. Kids can design Holiday postcards and choose the postcard dimensions for their clients’ orders.

  • Selling Sweet Treats: If your kids know how to prepare simple desserts like ice cream sandwich, cinnamon tortilla chips and fruit kebobs. You can assist them in the kitchen so they can prepare the orders faster. They can either deliver the sweet treats or have the customers pick them up at your home.

  • Comic Book Rental: Kids do not need a capital for this kind of business, since their resources are already available in their book shelf.

  • Blogging: This is a great way for your kids to express themselves while earning money. Kids can earn money in blogging through sponsors and ads. They can do joke blogging, photo blogging or nature blogging, depending on their line of interest and expertise.