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Being away from their grandchildren can be tough and lonely for grandparents, because they were not able to watch how their grandchildren grow. They missed their grandchildren’s milestones such as their first words, first dental check-up and first day in school. However, there are ways in which your children can connect with their grandparents even when they are miles away.

  • Send Grandparents handwritten letters and postcards. Grandparents would love to receive handwritten letters and postcards from their grandchildren. Tell your kids to update grandma and grandpa about their school activities and personal lives by sending them letters and postcards. Grandma and grandpa would love to know that their youngest grandchild already knows how to write letters. Your kids can design postcards especially for their grandparents with the use of colorful layouts and standard postcard sizes.

  • Schedule weekly phone calls. Phone calls are more personal and interactive. Grandparents and their grandchildren can have long and detailed conversations through the phone. Calling their grandparents on a weekly basis allows your children to be closer to their grandparents despite the distance.

  • Create a scrapbook. Let your kids put their photos during their basketball game, cheering practice and Holiday trip on the scrapbook. Tell them to write captions so grandma and grandpa will know the stories behind each photo. Kids can also attach their business cards in a standard business card size on the scrapbook. Business cards are helpful for grandparents to know their grandchildren’s mobile number, email address or blog account. Your kids can also send their business cards to other long distance relatives.

  • Look for a game site online. Choose a game site that grandparents and grandchildren can play together. This way, they can all have fun even when they are not together physically.

  • Visit Grandparents during the summer. This is the chance for Grandpa to teach your kids how to fish or fly a kite while Grandma cooks a special lunch for the kids. Take photos of your kids’ summer at their Grandparents’ house so they can treasure those moments.